42 Indians among 49 dead in Kuwait fire, dozens injured

A tragic fire in Al-Mangaf, Kuwait, killed 49 people, including 42 Indian nationals, and left dozens injured.

The blaze, which broke out at 4:30 am on Wednesday, primarily resulted in deaths from smoke inhalation as workers were asleep.

The affected building, housing over 195 employees of NBTC Group—a company with significant Indian ownership—had residents mostly from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and northern Indian states.

The incident has led to calls for stricter housing regulations for migrant workers. Kuwaiti authorities have detained the building’s landlord and an Egyptian guard, and an investigation is ongoing.

India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Kirti Vardhan Singh, addressed the incident before departing for Kuwait, noting that the exact details would be clearer upon arrival.

Many victims suffered severe burns, with some bodies charred beyond recognition, necessitating DNA tests for identification. An Air Force plane is on standby to transport the bodies back to India once identification is complete.

The Indian government has set up a helpline for affected families and is dispatching senior officials to Kuwait to provide support.