Alarming Testimonies Surface: “IOF compel Dog to R*pe Palestinian Detainee”

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  • A Palestinian detainee has disclosed harrowing details of torture methods used by Israeli Occupation Forces.
  • The testimony includes shocking reports of a detainee being sexually assaulted by a dog released during captivity.

A Palestinian detainee has come forward with a horrifying testimony, shedding light on the brutal torture methods employed by Israeli Occupation Forces. His account, reportedly corroborated by other detainees, paints a grim picture of the abuses faced by Palestinians currently in detention.

The man, describes the inhumane treatment meted out to other detainees. Among the most shocking of these accounts is the allegation that a detainee was subjected to sexual assault by a a dog.

According to reports, a dog was released on the detainee.

Source: Instagram- ‘LandPalestine’

These testimonies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting the ghastly, abominable, systematic abuse and torture within and outside detention centres in Palestine.

Palestinian journalist Motaz Azaiza, known for his on-the-ground reporting, recently posted the following on his social media in response to the unfolding accounts.