Baba Ramdev spits venom against Muslims and Christians

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has stoked a controversy by delivering a speech against Christians and Muslims in Barmer, Rajasthan.

“Ask any Muslim what his religion teaches. He will advise you to perform Namaz five times and then do whatever you want, even kidnapping a Hindu woman or carrying out any other wickedness (paap),” the Hindu priest said while addressing a religious gathering.

“They think that the Namaz is what Islam is all about, while some of our Muslim brothers commit horrific atrocities. But because this is what they have been taught—offer Namaz and do anything you want—they will never forget to do so,” said Ramdev.

“Many of them became terrorists, and some became seasoned criminals, but do not forget to offer Namaz,” Baba Ramdev emphasized. “Sanatan Dharma does not work in this manner. To atone for their sins, Christians go to church, light candles, and kneel before an image of Jesus Christ.”

“They also think they’ll find a spot in paradise (Jannat) where they can meet virgins (hoors) who drink alcohol. Heaven in this sense is worse than Hell itself,” he said.

“One faction seeks to convert the entire globe to Christianity, while the other seeks to convert the entire world to Islam,” Ramdev added.


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