Houses of 6 Muslim families demolished in UP’s Muradabad over interfaith relationship

According to reports, the incident occurred on Friday evening after the 20-year-old woman’s family alleged that the Muslim family barged into their home on June 26 and tried to abduct their daughter.

Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad Development Authority (MDA) has demolished six houses belonging to Muslim families accused of attempting to kidnap a Hindu woman with whom one of the familys’ member was reportedly in a relationship.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Friday evening after the 20-year-old woman’s family alleged that the Muslim family barged into their home on June 26 and tried to abduct their daughter.

As per the police statement, the woman and the main suspect had married in May 2023, but the woman’s family opposed the relationship and married her daughter to another man in June 2023. Despite the marriage, they were in touch with each other.

Earlier in March 2023, the couple had even eloped to Rajasthan, prompting the family to file a police complaint against the man.

Subsequently, the girl was brought back from Rajashtan by the Sambhal Police.

In her initial statement to the police on April 11, the woman claimed that she went with the man willingly as she was an adult.

“My parents got me married forcefully without my will. I did not agree to this marriage. I went with…of my village, who is my friend. No one had taken me by coaxing, I was of my own free will. I am an adult, no wrong has been done to me, now I want to go with the parents of my own will, this is my statement and I have nothing to say,” said the woman in first the statement as reported by The Indian Express.

However, in a later statement to the magistrate, she alleged that she was “forcibly” taken to Rajasthan and that the man had tried to force her to change her religion.

“I was asked to change my religion. He also tried to force himself on me. When our family members informed the police, my location was traced and I was brought back from Rajasthan. I want appropriate action should be taken against these people,” said the woman in her second statement.

‘Attack’ on girl’s family

In the latest incident, the family members of the woman alleged that the man and his other family members stormed into their house on June 26. When the family members resisted, the intruders fired at her father, her mother Prabha Devi and her brother Pradum Singh leaving them injured.

Moradabad Superintendent of Police (SP), said “Seven people from this family, including the main accused identified as Muslim Hussain, have been named in an FIR at Munda Pandey police station in an attempt to kidnap the married woman a daughter of Sunil Kumar,” Akhilesh Bhadauria.”

“The accused also fired at the family members of the woman the injured persons are in hospital and the condition woman’s 24-year-old brother, who received a bullet in his heart, is said to be critical,” the SP added.

“Following the incident, Satpal Antil, Moradabad Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), suspended the Munda Pandey police station in-charge Shailendra Kumar and his predecessor Deepak Malik for negligence in their duty, the SP added.”

The latest incident has been described by the woman’s family as another abduction attempt. The woman now says she no longer wants to be with the main suspect and wants him behind bars.

“There was love but that has ended now. He should have understood that I’m a married woman and that what he did with my family is completely unacceptable. I want to see him behind bars as soon as possible,” said the woman.

The incident has also alarmed the village’s other Muslim residents. According to the MDA, the buildings were demolished because they were constructed on common village land. On the other hand, locals claim that only a meter-wide area was encroached.

While in Bareilly, the Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) demolished the house, hotel, and marriage hall owned by the main accused.

The incident has left the local Muslim community in constant fear. In the villages, 5 percent of Muslim residents have already left their houses.

“We did not see that family after that March incident where it was alleged that he abducted the woman from her husband’s. His whole family left. Because of one person, the whole community is ashamed. It was a peaceful atmosphere here before, but everything is ruined now. The bulldozers came two times and demolished three houses,” Dilshad, a neighbour, said as quoted by The Indian Express.