PM Modi accuses JMM of patronizing infiltrators, claims ‘Love Jihad’ started in Jharkhand

Dumka, Jharkhand – In a charged political rally on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) of patronizing infiltrators and claimed that the controversial issue of ‘Love Jihad’ originated in Jharkhand. Addressing a large crowd in Dumka, PM Modi’s remarks were aimed at galvanizing support for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of the upcoming state assembly elections.

In his speech, PM Modi stated, “The menace of ‘Love Jihad’ started from Jharkhand. This is not just a term but a serious issue affecting the security and social fabric of our country. The JMM has been supporting these infiltrators who are responsible for spreading this threat.”

‘Love Jihad’ is a term used by right-wing groups to describe an alleged campaign by Muslim men to convert Hindu women to Islam through marriage. The issue has been a point of contention and has polarized opinions across the nation.

PM Modi also criticized the JMM government for what he described as its failure to ensure the safety and security of the people of Jharkhand. “The JMM has failed to protect the interests of Jharkhand. Instead, they have given shelter to those who wish to disrupt the harmony and peace of our society,” he added.

The Prime Minister’s remarks come amid escalating tensions and debates over the presence and influence of illegal immigrants in Jharkhand, a state with a history of complex demographic and social issues.

JMM leaders have dismissed PM Modi’s allegations, calling them baseless and politically motivated. In a swift rebuttal, JMM spokesperson Vinod Pandey said, “The BJP is trying to create communal tensions for electoral gains. There is no such thing as ‘Love Jihad’ in Jharkhand, and these accusations are an attempt to divert attention from real issues like unemployment and development.”

As the state gears up for the elections, PM Modi’s statements are expected to stir further political debate and scrutiny over the contentious issue of ‘Love Jihad’ and the role of infiltrators in Jharkhand. (With agencies inputs)


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