Rising Suicide Among Israeli Soldiers!

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  • Israel report a recent shortage of reserve soldiers, prompting the Israeli army to seek volunteers for Gaza deployment.
  • In June alone, three cases of suicide among IOF soldiers have been reported. There has been a notable increase in suicide rates within the Israeli military.

Reports from Israel indicate a shortfall in reserve soldiers as the heinous battering of Palestine enters its ninth month. Consequently, the Israeli army is currently seeking volunteers to enter Gaza.

There have been 3 reported suicide cases of IOF soldiers within the month of June.

A soldier, who resided in the Or Yehuda settlement, reportedly committed suicide on Ares Street, according to the Hebrew website Hadashot Bazman. He was among the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) reserves recently discharged from service.

This incident comes after another IOF soldier, Eliran Mizrahi took his own life last week to avoid redeployment. According to the Hebrew news site Walla, Mizrahi had operated as an excavator driver in Gaza for a period of 78 days and was grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mizrahi was scheduled to “resume duty” in Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip, but took his own life before being redeployed. He had previously shared photographs and narratives of his actions during service, proudly recounting his aggressive acts in the enclave.

Haaretz disclosed that ten officers and soldiers have committed suicide since October 7th, with several incidents occurring amidst battles in settlements around Gaza. Although, other news outlets report this figure to be higher.

In mid-March, the Israeli military acknowledged its most significant mental health crisis since 1973, exacerbated by ongoing engagements with Palestinian Resistance groups in Gaza following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Last month, Yedioth Ahronoth reported that an internal army survey revealed only 42 percent of career officers wish to continue serving after the IOF began obliterating Gaza. This is down 49 percent from August 2023.

The Israeli army has recorded 3,763 soldiers wounded since October 7th, with 1,902 injuries occurring since October 27th.

Officially, 646 soldiers and officers have been reported dead since October 7th, including 294 fatalities in Gaza. However, Israeli hospitals and Israeli media suggest that the actual casualty figures may be higher.