Tourists drinking alcohol on Dal Lake sparks outrage in Srinagar: ‘Un-Islamic, Unethical’

A video of tourists consuming alcohol on a shikara (traditional wooden boat) in Dal Lake has triggered widespread outrage in Srinagar. The video, which went viral on social media, shows a group of tourists openly drinking alcohol while cruising on the iconic lake, prompting strong reactions from local residents and community leaders.

The incident has been condemned as “un-Islamic” and “unethical” by various sections of society. “Dal Lake is not only a tourist attraction but also a symbol of our cultural and religious heritage. Such behavior is completely unacceptable and goes against the values of our community,” said a spokesperson for the Srinagar-based civil society group, Save Dal Lake.

Local residents have expressed their discontent, calling for stricter regulations to prevent such incidents in the future. “Tourists should respect the local customs and traditions. Drinking alcohol in public, especially in a place of such significance, is highly disrespectful,” said Bashir Ahmed, a resident of the area.

Religious leaders have also voiced their concerns. Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam, a prominent Islamic scholar, emphasized the importance of preserving the sanctity of Dal Lake. “Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol, and such acts in a public and culturally significant place are deeply offensive to the sentiments of the Muslim community,” he said.

Authorities have responded to the public outcry by assuring stricter enforcement of existing regulations. The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department issued a statement condemning the incident and vowed to take necessary measures to prevent recurrence. “We will enhance patrolling and ensure that guidelines are followed to maintain the sanctity and decorum of Dal Lake,” said a department official.

The incident has reignited the debate over the behavior of tourists in culturally sensitive areas, highlighting the need for greater awareness and respect for local customs. As the investigation continues, the authorities urge visitors to adhere to the norms and regulations to ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience for all.