Woman beaten to death with wrench in UP as commuters look on

The accused was identified as Rohit Yadav, 29, and the deceased was Aarti Jadhav, 22

Palghar: In a horrific incident, a man was seen badgering a woman with a wrench on a major road in Vasai town as people watched and clicked videos, police said here on Tuesday, June 18.

The broad daylight killing on a busy thoroughfare in Gauraipada took place this morning, after which the man sat beside the victim’s bloodied body, incessantly mumbling something.

On getting information, a team from Waliv Police Station rushed to the spot, took the man into custody, and shifted the woman’s body to a nearby hospital.

The alleged killer was identified as Rohit Yadav, 29, and the deceased was Aarti Jadhav, 22, according to the police.

As per a preliminary probe, the couple, residing in adjoining Nalasopara town, had been in a relationship for over two years, but Rohit suddenly suspected that she may be two-timing him.

This resulted in a huge quarrel between them, and Rohit quietly nursed a grudge against her.

This morning (June 18), she left her home to work for a private company in Vasai, where the enraged Rohit accosted her at Gauraipada and demanded an explanation for her wayward behavior.

As she walked away, Rohit badgered her on the head repeatedly with an iron wrench he was carrying and knocked her down on the road in a pool of blood.

He moved a couple of steps, then returned to check if she was alive, and again hit her with full force in the neck till she breathed her last there.

After that, he sat beside her on the road, muttering things like, “Kyun kiya mere saath aisa (why did you do this to me)?”.

Sporting a pink top and blue leggings, Aarti had completed her higher secondary education (Class 12) and recently taken up a job.

Though one passerby attempted to intervene, Rohit roughly pushed him away, but shockingly, other pedestrians and shopkeepers merely kept watching the horror on the road, clicked videos, and uploaded them on social media, with none daring to come forward and stop the man or help the woman.