Fact-check: Hailstorm video, claimed to be in Budgam, actually from China

A video depicting a fierce hailstorm has been circulating on social media platforms, purportedly captured in Budgam, a district in central Kashmir.

The footage garnered widespread attention as netizens shared it across various platforms. However, upon investigation by ‘The Kashmiriyat,’ it was revealed that the video is not from Kashmir but from China.

“Asfagfirullah, May Allah have mercy on us, budgam hailstorm,” A Facebook user from Kashmir has captioned the video.

The misleading video was even shared by a local television channel in Kashmir, further amplifying the false claim of its origin in Budgam district.

Subsequently, the channel removed the video after the misinformation was brought to light.

The Kashmiriyat found that a X user, Jim, has posted the video and wrote, “Hail in Guangdong and Guangxi, China these two days.”


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